Brief History of Wheel Energy

About us

  • Wheel Energy was founded in 2003.
  • We offer independent, quantifiable analysis and test results to all tyre manufacturers, designers and race teams.
  • Founders were:
    Engineer Petri Hankiola,
    Physicist Veijo Pulkkanen,
    Technician Marko Savolainen

What we do

  • We provide tire and wheel testing services to the bicycle, motorcycle, ATV and UTV industries.  
  • Wheel Energy is a privately owned, self-employed and totally independent company. 
  • Wheel Energy testing procedures simulate authentic situations (real world cases) in a controlled laboratory environment.  
  • All measurements are repeatable and the laboratory environment is known and stable.
  • Rolling Resistance measurements are done following International Standard ISO 28580 (Passenger car, truck and bus tyres – Methods of measuring rolling resistance – Single point test and correlation of measurement results) requirements