Tyre Design & Development

Wheel Energy and Stacy Testing & Tire Specialist Inc have formed an alliance for customers needing extra assistance designing, developing and testing tyres and vehicles. Feel free to contact Wheel Energy for more information.

Tread Pattern Design

  • Twenty-five (25) years of experience in the motorcycle, ATV and bicycle industry designing & studying tread patterns for all category applications.
  • Focus is function first. Position the biting edges throughout the contact patch to achieve the high traction level, low rolling resistance and acceptable durability.
  • Understanding the tyre-to-vehicle application and incorporating specific needs into each tread design.

Casing Structure and Rubber Compounding

  • Understanding of casing materials and their structural differences.
  • Understanding casing structure and its effect on handling, puncture resistance, durability, ride quality and rolling resistance.
  • Understanding of rubber compound materials and their effect on traction, rolling resistance and durability.

Field Testing

  • Numerous tyre testing procedures involving subjective handling test, traction and structural durability.
  • Coordinate in-depth ‘field testing’ with riders of all levels. Able to summarize the results and recommendations for improvements.