Puncture & Cut Resistance

Tread & Sidewall Puncture and Cut Resistance

For safety as well as value, flat resistance is critical to all consumers. No person enjoys fixing a flat tyre on the roadside or trail.

Wheel Energy test procedures simulate “real world” riding conditions but in a controlled laboratory environment where variables can be controlled.

The client can specify the type of tooling used to test puncture & cut resistance to meet their specific needs.

A series of tests are performed on each tyre separately in the tread surface area and sidewall area. Detailed data is provided including graph charts to show peak force when the tyre casing or tread punctures through.

Manufacturers can easily see the true difference in casing materials & rubber compounds being tested.

This information is helpful when comparing competitor tyres, tire weight, material costs, etc.

Puncture/Sidewall strength is also useful information for sales and marketing of flat resistant tyres.