Wet & Dry Traction

This is a new test at Wheel Energy and a break through in laboratory tyre testing. Wheel Energy has taken the lead in the industry to evaluate wet & dry traction on road tyres, under controlled laboratory conditions. Wheel Energy has designed several “real world” surface conditions that can be used in the lab to rule out other variations and measure friction to give manufacturers a clear indication of tyre adhesion. Tests are available for straight up tire position as well as cornering position.

The lab setting allows for consistent conditions, no weather change or wind and no rider input/weight shifting to affect results. Like rolling resistance, there are many factors of tire construction, rubber compound & tyre to wheel relationship that effect traction.

Traction testing in the lab gives a pure measurement of the tyre’s performance. This makes it possible to choose the best compound and casing construction for the desired terrain objectively or how one tyre brand compares to another.