Test Results & Special Procedures

Test results and specific procedures are kept strictly confidential for our clients. We do, however provide separate product evaluation tests for magazines who publish the results for cyclists.

Wheel Energy tests simulate authentic situations (real world cases) in a controlled laboratory environment. All measurements are repeatable and the laboratory environment is known and stable.

Pricing is tailored based on customer measurements and requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and to get a quote.

Companies Using Our Services

B`TWIN (France)
Brompton Bicycle (GB)
Cabro Lubrication (Kazakstan)
Carmin-Sharp Pro team
Decathlon Mknix (France)
Felt Bicycle (California, USA)
Fillari magazine (Finland)
FJD Pro team (France)
Freedom Tyres (India)
Guebb Greases company (GB)
Huntsman Company (Belgium)
Hutchinson (France)
Kadens magazine (Sweden)

Mavic (France)
Michelin (France)
MIT solar car team (USA)
SKY team (GB)
Specialized (USA)
Stacy Testing and Tire Specialist, Inc (USA)
Testfakta (Sweden)
Trek (USA)
Veerubber (Thailand)
Velonews (USA)
Vittoria (Italy)
Vredestein (Netherlands)